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About Me

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Hey! I’m Yashu Rao, Published Plus Model and Confidence Coach. I am here breaking down stereotypes and beauty standards by empowering people to lead life with self love and confidence. 

For me, Confidence was a life changer. I came from a space of self-hate and blossomed into a woman of self-love and confidence and that journey was truly eye opening. From people belittling me and disrespecting me to finally taking control of my life and now being respected and appreciated for being a confident woman, I have learnt the importance of self-value.

Being a Plus size Indian Woman, I faced bullying and harassment. I hit rock bottom when I was in high school and it took a toll on my mental health. I faced depression and anxiety. I felt like an outcast and truly hated who I saw in the mirror. Since I could remember I had been on a constant battle, trying to stay afloat, trying not to drown in the thoughts of self-hate and humiliation. But it was not until I hit my late 20s that I discovered the concept of self-love and self-confidence. 


I built myself up from the bottom up and learnt to love myself and carry myself in confidence. It was not just about my appearance, but it was love and confidence in all aspects of life, career, finances, romance, spirituality, etc. By working through my confidence and lifestyle choices, I learnt to lead life with Self Love, Confidence, and Happiness. I hope to take what all i have learnt, all the research, formal training and experience in this field to make a difference. My goal is to bring more happiness into this world, starting at the individual, inside to the outside