#HappyYashu is a Confidence and Lifestyle Coaching Service for people of all ages and backgrounds. We work on Confidence and Lifestyle Management for all aspects of life to ensure that everyone leads happy, healthy, harmonious, productive, and successful lifestyles. We specialize in communication skills, self care routine, body positivity, cultural struggles, romance, and provide support for professionals and youth


Our service is unique in that we are redefining traditional methods of coaching and creating custom coaching programs for our clients based on their needs as well as research, formal training, and years of personal and client experiences regarding Lifestyle, Self Care, and Mental health. We use this custom program to facilitate conversation with clients and help them develop their own skills and put them into practice, allowing them to be in control and motivated towards leading a happy, healthy, harmonious, successful, productive lifestyle.




Every person is different, and I understand that so much. It took me so long to find what works for me. And that is why through #HappyYashu Coaching, I will make sure I understand YOU. I have chosen to redesign traditional methods of coaching and create an atmosphere of learning and enhancing, giving you protected space to express yourself while also giving you opportunities of practice and growth in ways that work for you.
At the end of the day, what you gain from confidence is not just the ability to love yourself and be happy and true to your heart, you also learn to give and RECEIVE! Whether it is respect or affection or opportunity, CONFIDENCE is the KEY! If you work on yourself and put the effort in, you will see results! Be proactive about your mental health and lifestyle. Be motivated to be HAPPY. That is the sole purpose of #HappyYashu. Remember why you are here and why you started this journey. Because somewhere along the way, you might have lost your happiness and self-love. And starting this journey now, you are eagerly trying to gain it all back, in fact, gain even more!
Based on what my life taught me, this journey will not be comfortable. In fact, on this journey you will be required to push outside your comfort zone. You will learn to open your mind and think from a different perspective. Growth and Change are never smooth and easy processes nor are they ever comfortable or convenient! So I request you be patient with yourself, give it a chance, be mindful with how you are feeling and be transparent with your feelings so I can always support you the way you need it!

HappyYashu is not just a company or service, it is a mood! It is a MOVEMENT! We are here to help you see the best, highest, and happiest version of you. And every time you do, remember to Hashtag #HappyYashu and soon #Happy[YOURNAME]! Let’s Begin the journey